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They Say / I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing by Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein read Apr 21, 2024
The Eye of the Master: A Social History of Artificial Intelligence by Matteo Pasquinelli read Feb 24, 2024
Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans by Melanie Mitchell read Jan 29, 2024
Should I Stay or Should I Go: Surviving A Relationship with a Narcissist by Ramani Durvasula read Jan 23, 2024
叫魂:1768年中国妖术大恐慌 by 孔飞力 read Jan 14, 2024
质的研究方法与社会科学研究 by 陈向明 reading
Critical Theory of AI by Simon Lindgren read
Technology and social theory by Steve Matthewman reading
The Cultural Life of Machine Learning: An Incursion into Critical AI Studies by Jonathan Roberge, Michael Castelle reading
深度学习入门:基于Python的理论与实现 by 斋藤康毅 (Koki Saitoh) reading
廚房之舞:身體和空間的日常生活地理學考察 by 吳鄭重 reading

Journal Article

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Why and how is the power of Big Tech increasing in the policy process? The case of generative AI by Shaleen Khanal, Hongzhou Zhang, Araz Taeihagh read Apr 20, 2024
The great transformer: examining the role of large language models in the political economy of ai by Dieuwertje Luitse, Wiebke Denkena read Apr 20, 2024
Tell me a story: a framework for critically investigating AI language models by Luke Munn, Leah Henrickson read Apr 20, 2024
Can there be art without an artist? by Avijit Ghosh, Genoveva Fossas unread Apr 20, 2024
ChatGPT is not all you need. A state of the art review of large generative AI models by Roberto Gozalo-Brizuela, Eduardo C. Garrido-Merchan read Apr 20, 2024
Artificial intelligence and the affective labour of understanding: the intimate moderation of a language model by Carlo Perrotta, Neil Selwyn, Carrie Ewin read Apr 19, 2024
Artificial neural networks and deep learning in the visual arts: a review by Iria Santos, Luz Castro, Nereida Rodriguez-Fernandez, Alvaro Torrente-Patino, Adrian Carballal read Apr 19, 2024
Unmaking AI imagemaking: a methodological toolkit for critical investigation by Luke Munn, Liam Magee, Vanicka Arora read Apr 19, 2024
An HCI-centric survey and taxonomy of human-generative-AI interactions by Jingyu Shi, Rahul Jain, Hyungjun Doh, Ryo Suzuki, Karthik Ramani read Apr 16, 2024
AI-generated imagery: a new era for the 'readymade' by Amy Smith, Michael Cook read Apr 15, 2024
Trash to treasure: using text-to-image models to inform the design of physical artefacts by Amy Smith, Hope Schroeder, Ziv Epstein, Michael Cook, Simon Colton, Andrew Lippman read Apr 15, 2024
Sociological perspectives on artificial intelligence: A typological reading by Zheng Liu read Apr 13, 2024
做主播:一项关系劳动的数码民族志 by 董晨宇, 叶蓁 read Apr 08, 2024
“So What If ChatGPT Wrote It?” Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Opportunities, Challenges and Implications of Generative Conversational AI for Research, Practice and Policy by Yogesh K. Dwivedi et al. read Apr 04, 2024
More or less than human? Evaluating the role of AI-as-participant in online qualitative research by Alexandra F. Gibson, Alexander Beattie read Apr 04, 2024
The Ethics of ChatGPT – Exploring the Ethical Issues of an Emerging Technology by Bernd Carsten Stahl, Damian Eke read Mar 29, 2024
Generative AI Has a Language Problem by Monojit Choudhury read Mar 28, 2024
Art and the Science of Generative AI by Ziv Epstein et al. read Mar 28, 2024
质性社会学研究的差异性发问和发问艺术 by 赵鼎新 read Mar 24, 2024
The Nooscope Manifested: AI as Instrument of Knowledge Extractivism by Matteo Pasquinelli, Vladan Joler read Feb 26, 2024