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The Eye of the Master: A Social History of Artificial Intelligence by Matteo Pasquinelli read Feb 24, 2024
Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans by Melanie Mitchell read Jan 29, 2024
Should I Stay or Should I Go: Surviving A Relationship with a Narcissist by Ramani Durvasula read Jan 23, 2024
叫魂:1768年中国妖术大恐慌 by 孔飞力 read Jan 14, 2024
深度学习入门:基于Python的理论与实现 by 斋藤康毅 (Koki Saitoh) reading
The Cultural Life of Machine Learning: An Incursion into Critical AI Studies by Jonathan Roberge, Michael Castelle reading
Critical Theory of AI by Simon Lindgren read
质的研究方法与社会科学研究 by 陈向明 reading