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Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans


title: Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans
author: Melanie Mitchell
year: 2019
link: Website, Amazon, Douban


前四部分是人工智能科普,比规规矩矩的教材更好上手,但也还需要配合其它书籍,还有不怕脏手(get your hands dirty)才能完全吸收。最精彩的是第五部分,作者展示了自己的心路和研究成果,可以预定为接下来探索的切口。至于让 AI 通过常识、直觉、抽象和类比来理解人类世界,这我想起一个笑话。老板在面试会计的时候问:「你愿意为公司做什么事情」?人工智能回答:「我愿意为公司做任何我能做的事情」。人类回答:「我愿意为公司坐牢」。但如果哪一天人工智能也回答出了后者,那意味着什么呢?


Part I Background

C1. The Roots of Artificial Intelligence

C2. Neural Networks and the Ascent of Machine Learning

C3. AI Spring

Part II. Looking and Seeing

C4. Who, What, When, Where, Why

C5. ConvNets and ImageNet

C6. A Closer Look at Machines That Learn

C7. On Trustworthy and Ethical AI

Part III. Learning to Play

C8. Rewards for Robots

C9. Game On

C10. Beyond Games

Part IV. Artificial Intelligence Meets Natural Language

C11. Words, and the Company They Keep

C12. Translation as Encoding and Decoding

C13. Ask Me Anything

Part V. The Barrier of Meaning

C14. On Understanding

C15. Knowledge, Abstraction, and Analogy in Artificial Intelligence

C16. Questions, Answers, and Speculations